Onion prices will cool down within 15-20 days - Agriculture minister

Dr. Abdur Razzaque urges scientists, researchers and researchers to create sustainable species and technology

The Minister of Agriculture Dr Abdur Razzaque on Sunday said that the soaring prices for onions will drop once the imports and harvest of summer arrive on the market in 15-20 days.

The minister spoke to journalists following a visit to two labs for research in the Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute in Gazipur.

"Onions are perishable items and their prices normally go up at the end of the season because of having no efficient way to stock them," He added.

Razzaque called on research and scientists to continue their efforts to develop sustainable species and technology to tackle the food safety issues of the future.

"The gap between innovation and expansion needs to be reduced as sometimes it takes almost 10 years for a new species or technology to reach farmers."

The minister added: "We have no shortage of food products, we are producing surplus fruits, vegetables, and potatoes. We would like to export surplus agricultural products around the world."



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